Rezo Art Agency

Founder and art director in the art agency specialized in photography. The main areas of work is production of photoshoots, photography events, exhibitions and the projects on the edge of art and commerce. Working with most recognized talents, I also created long-term strategies for artists’ international development, advised photographers in conceptualization, edition, production and promotion of their projects (books, exhibitions, and the whole body of work), and advised institutions, agencies, and photography events with searching for talents.

As REZO we curate and produce photography exhibitions with world-class artists offering assistance on every step of production: from idea, exhibition concept and storyline, visual identity, production, communication and marketing, to finalization of the project. We offer both long-term and project-based collaboration, art management and advisory services for the artists: we connect talents with institutions, experts, and the audience, create strategies for artists’ development, offer curatorial guidance & portfolio critique, share funding and fundraising advice, guide in project proposal making, and support the artist in producing their projects.

We produce photography and film projects. With many years of experience with production and development of documentaries, feature films, commercials, ads, social campaigns, and long-term photography projects in Poland, Sweden, the US, and Spain, we are able to answer nearly every brief. We offer creative approach to casting, location scouting, and find talents that match the client’s needs. Our experience and extended network enables us to work on various types of assignments and adjust to any request, in as many as eight languages. We advise institutions, collectors, and companies in building their photography collections, organize and manage art projects, meetings, workshops, consultations, exhibition, and studio visits. We organize workshops, masterclasses and artist talks with world-recognized photographers, providing opportunity to learn from the best in their field.