Pontas Literary and Film Agency, 02.2011-07.2011

Pontas is a literary & film agency internationally representing authors from all over the world. Pontas was nominated (for the third time in a row) for the Excellence Award of the London Book Fair 2017 as Best International Literary Agency. 

Among other tasks, I have been collaborating with the Pantas team in the sale of translation rights of the authors represented for the Polish publishing market; I have updated the data base of Eastern European publishing houses; I have helped in the preparation of the London Book Fair and Cannes Film Market meetings and schedules; I have also worked in the updates of the documents for the feature film Traces of Sandalwood, as well as the preparation of meetings with co-producers in Mumbai (lndia) and the shooting of a teaser in Mumbai; in the documentary film under development The Real Millennium, to be directed by Clive Gordon; in the preparation of documents for the biopic about Spanish composer Enrique Granados adapting the navel The Fallen Nightingale by John Milton, under development; and in the preparation of the development of the feature film Behind the Eucalyptus, as well as researching about film funds, festivals and film production companies in several countries.