MSc in Marketing Communication – Stockholm Business School

Drawing on the School’s long-standing expertise in marketing communication—not least the heritage from the former department of Advertising and PR that has now merged with Stockholm Business School—this Master’s programme takes a broad approach to marketing communication by exploiting the multi-disciplinary nature of the theoretical areas of marketing communication and traditional marketing research.

Marketing Communication Theory, 7,5 higher education credits;
• Buyer Behaviour, 7,5 higher education credits
• Communication: Strategic and Cultural Perspectives, 7,5 higher education credits • Digital Marketing and E-commerce, 7,5 higher education credits

• Contemporary challenges in Marketing Communication, 7,5 higher education credits • Branding: Strategic and Cultural Perspectives, 7,5 higher education credits
• Project Work, 7,5 higher education credits
• Advanced Research Methods in Advertising & PR, 7,5 higher education credits

This semester comprises of elective courses in total of 30 higher education credits. Elective courses can be within business administration on advanced level or other courses relevant to the programmes content. Which courses are offered at SBS is communicated one semester in advance.

• Master’s Degree Thesis in Advertising and PR, 30 higher education credits.