Master’s in Cultural Studies – Jagiellonian University

2010/2011 winter semester: Proseminar. Literury Testimonies of Ancient Civilisations, (BHP-2) Safety at Work Training

2010/2011 summer semester: Aesthetics (II), Chinese and Japanese Aesthetics in the Transcultural Perspective, Contemporary Sociological Theories, Philosophy of Culture, Yiddishkayt – Language and Culture of Ashkenazi Jews, Zionism

2010/2011 academic year: Persona.’ Metafiction in Swedish Cinematography (optional course), Swedish Literature (20th Century), The History of Anthropological Theory, Translation: A Form of Cross-Cultural Communication

2011/2012 summer semester: Tibetan Literature, History of Sweden, Scandinavian Culture, Student practice, Swedish Life and Institutions, Thematic Seminar: Theories of Culture and Multiculturalism

2012/2013 winter semester: Tibetan Culture, History of Buddhism ( (Early Buddhist Schools),

Jewish Diaspora in the World, Poland and Asia in the 21st Century. New Discourse – New Practice, The Culture of the Iranian World

2013/2014 summer semester: History of Buddhism ( (Early Buddhist Schools)

Master’s thesis: Identity politics in Sweden. The Other and the political rhetorics of the Swedish government towards migrant population.