Linda McCartney & Mary McCartney – Mother Daughter in Fotografiska Stockholm, 1.06 – 2.09.2018

Together, Linda McCartney and Mary McCartney explore the connective tissue of family, common experience, and a love of the photographic medium. Their images appear to us as highly instinctual; while revealing a great ability to capture fleeting moments of intimacy and offer us a distinctly unique body of work that evokes mystique in the ordinary and every day.

This exhibition, Mother Daughter, first shown at the Gagosian Gallery in New York, is a treasure trove of moments derived from relaxed interactions with family, a dazzling array of celebrities–Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Kate Moss, Rihanna – and everyday life. There is an almost tangible shared sensibility between mother and daughter in how they establish an emotional rapport with their subjects and exact a sense of their true selves.