Landskrona Fotofestival 2017, 01.06.2017-15.09.2017

During Landskrona Fotofestival 2017 I worked closely with curators Jenny Nordquist and Christian Caujolle, as well as curator of the Photobook Day Jenny Lindhe and curators of the major exhibition View: Finland, Timothy Persons and Hasse Persson. Timothy Persons is adjunct professor at the Aalto University in Helsinki, and the photographer Hasse Persson, is a former artistic leader of the Hasselblad Center. Landskrona Foto View Finland was shown in three parts – the first part presents works by the photographer Pentti Sammallahti and a selection of his early pupils such as Jorma Puranen, Joakim Eskildsen and Jyrki Parantainen; part two was a solo exhibition with Ulla Jokisalo; and part three focused on the youngest members of the Helsinki School and how this later generation uses the photographic medium as an instrument for their artistic activity.

The aim of the Landskrona Fotofestival is attract established photographers from the whole world who have never before exhibited in Sweden – together with young Scandinavian photographers who are developing in strength. Among the exhibitions, I coordinated the production of the outdoor exhibitions in 2017, including works by the American artist Caleb Charland, helped with the coordination of the “Open Call” that was visible in shop windows all over the city centre, on the theme of “You and Me”. Among other exhibitions featured at the festival were: the European premiere of a harrowing and acclaimed work by the photographers Carlos Ayesta (Venezuela) and Guillaume Bression (France), “Fukushima – No Go Zone”, which portrays the consequences of the disaster that struck the Japanese nuclear power plant in 2011. Konsthallen, the city’s art gallery, showed, side by side, photographs by the French artist Olivier Culmann and the Swiss duo Cortis & Sonderegger. The Exercishallen venue combined the recurrent Photobook Days with an exhibition of a project from the 1990s by the fashion company Benetton, “Fabrica”, a venture through which young, unknown photographers have since become internationally acknowledged photographers.

Except from the close collaboration in production of the above-mentioned shows, I was responsible for coordination of the exhibition Photobook of the Year in collaboration with Aperture Foundation, as well as coordinated the team of 50+ volunteers working during the festival week on various tasks.