Jacek Kołodziejski / Freckle/s

During over 2-years collaboration with Jacek Kołodziejski, I worked on multiple aspects of his career connected to his personal projects. I created a strategy for his international development, participated in conceptualization of his project Freckle/s, and curated multiple exhibitions around the project. I mapped the institutions and negotiated the collaboration – both in Poland and internationally. I was responsible for mapping the accurate competitions and platforms for the project to gain the international recognition and created communication strategy for each event, where the project was highlighted or presented.

The result of the collaboration were multiple awards both for the project Freckle/s as well as for its parts, exhibitions and presentations of the project in several galleries and festivals in Poland, as well as in Paris, Los Angeles and NYC, as well as media featured worldwide.

Nine Polish fashion photographers crossed borders to New York for a first-ever Polish fashion photography exhibition in NY. Curated by Alexi Lubomirski, YOUNG POLAND served as an insight to the next generation of accomplished photographers born in Poland in the 1980’s and ’90’s. The exhibition, organized by PAFF, presented the work of nine photographers.
An image from the award-winning project Aphelium for TAKK by Jacek Kołodziejski
A book premiere in the 6×7 Leica Gallery in Warsaw
Awards for the project FRECKLE/S