Hans Strand, Manmade Land, Fotografiska Stockholm, 06.04-27.05.2018

I produced the exhibition by an award-winning Swedish photographer Hans Strand, Manmade Land, presented in Fotografiska Stockholm. The co-producer of the exhibition was Emilie Ackerman.

For the first time landscape photographer Hans Strand chooses to direct his camera towards landscapes where nature has completely given way to human interference – landscapes more manmade than natural. Breathtakingly beautiful and fascinating, they resemble works of expressionist art. However, after reading Hans Strand’s account of what has occurred at these places the viewer is faced with some uncomfortable and important questions. Added to that thoughtful reflections in the exhibition text by physical geographer and Adjunct Professor Johan Kuylenstierna. What happens to our planet when monocultures and over-exploitation wipe out ecosystems and wildlife? And what can we do to reverse these processes?

@Hans Strand, Farmland #1