Blow Photo / Issue 15

I worked as a copy editor and texts author for the 15th issue of Blow Photo magazine on the theme abstract.

brenda biondo / taisuke koyama / kira leskinen / luuk de haan / elmar vestner / andrea grützner / maija tammi / alexander binder martin bollati / brea souders / nico krijno /manuel geerinck / stephan zirwes / richard caldicott / vilde rolfsen / chloe sells

// you refer to photography as to investigation of physical objects. what do you mean by that? // ‘the paper skies’ series took shape when i started thinking about what happens when i treat a physical print like an object – when i hold it against the sky, when i fold or cut it – when i don’t want it to be flat anymore. most people think that a photograph is something that is flat. but if you turn it into a 3d object then something else can happen. it’s not only about the image on that piece of paper, but about all the decisions that you make about what to do with that piece of paper. turning those prints into 3d objects before re-photographing them outside allows the paper itself to become an active ingredient whose edges, texture and shape play a significant role in the final piece. (Brenda Biondo)

// roland barthes in his ‘semantics of the objects’ while looking at different definitions of an object concluded that often an object is defined purely by its function, by its ability to be useful, to serve man, to modify the world. what would be your definition of an object – your main theme of artistic exploration? // it’s kind of tricky, because the object in my view would have a kind of blankness to it – i do not take into consideration anything that was pre-loaded with ideas, with historical contexts. my definition of the objects that i use would be – a ‘blank’. with the tupperware there is emptiness, there is a void. i would say they were kind of models, but that it’s up to the viewer to add something to it. my role, however, is more about deconstructing the object to its purest form. (Richard Caldicott)

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