BA in Cultural Studies – Jagiellonian University 2006-2009

2006/2007 winter semester:Arabic Culture before Islam, Birth and Development of Buddism, Classical Culture-Judaism-Christianity, Elements of Social Anthropology, History of Philosophy, Logics and Semiotics, Meeting East and West – Cultural Understanding

2006/2007 summer semester: Computer Workshops / Tutorial, Culture and Religion of Mongolia, Culture and Religions of Tibet, History of the European Culture, Prehistoric Cultures,Social History of Europe, Sociology of Culture

2007/2008 winter semester: Arabic Language 2nd year, Civilisation of Islam, Outline of the History of European Art, Siberian Shamanism, The Civilisation of India.

2007/2008 summer semester: Aesthetics (I), Arabic Language 2nd year, Confucian Cultural Circle, Religion in Social Life, Woman – Culture – Society

2008/2009 winter semester: From Hippies to Alterglobalists. Ideas, ideologies and contemporary social movements, Introduction to Judaism, Legal Cultures of Europe, Islam and the Far East, Methods of Qualitative Research

2008/2009 summer semester: History of Africa and Its Explorers, Political Problems of South Asia, Arabic Language 3rd year, Seminar for Undergraduates