I have always been interested in points of view that are different from my own. This curiosity led me to both study, experience, and live different lives that paved the way to my professional path. I worked in Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and France, and traveled around the world for work and discovery. At all times I was lucky to work with some of the best professionals in film, photography, and journalism, and learnt to connect institutions and disciplines, in as many as ten languages.

I’m a writer, journalist, curator, researcher, film and photography producer, photographers’ manager, photography consultant, creative director, and strategic partnerships manager. With strong academic background, majoring in cultural studies, social and cultural anthropology and Swedish linguistic at overall seven European universities, and working on my doctoral dissertation in sociology, I combine the understanding of broad perspectives and processes, with innovative approach that I gained when working in advertising, photography, and film industries. I’m interested in merging the best quality communication with promoting innovation and social change, across industries, on the local and global scale. With my passion for different forms of creativity, I feel good both when managing the work of those who inspire me, discovering immense potential in joining forces between global institutions and companies, and while using my own creativity in writing, creative direction, education, production, and curation.

Photo by Knut Koivisto.

During years of working with written and visual storytelling, I encountered some of the most legendary & up-and-coming artists and industry professionals, contributing in many different ways to development of their projects: from curating exhibitions, producing films and long-term visual projects, editing books to developing communication and marketing strategies. Among the outstanding artists I encountered on this path are distinguished storytellers such as long-term National Geographic contributors Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier, Cary Wolinsky or Chris Rainier, award-winning photojournalists and filmmakers including Paul Hansen, James Nachtwey, Åsa Sjöström, Folke Ryden, and three-time Emmy winner John Rubin; legendary artists: Bruce Davidson, Albert Watson, Platon, Greg Gorman, Sebastiao Salgado, Ralph Gibson, Mandy Barker, Pentti Sammallahti, Alison Jackson, or Ellen von Unwerth among all. I also created strategies for international development of most recognized photographers in Poland, worked as producer, new business manager and art manager in one of the major visual artists’ agencies in Poland (Shootme Visual Artists) in founded an art agency REZO, focused on creative production, art advisory services, and photographers’ management. I worked with largest photography events in Europe, side-by-side recognized curators, and in galleries and institutions.

As a writer and journalist I regularly contribute to major magazines including National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Harper’s Bazaar, Focus, Focus History, FOTO, Digital Camera Poland, BLOW Photo, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, Podróże. In April 2020 I published my first non-fiction book, and I work on another non-fiction book project to be published in the spring 2021.

My latest experience include working in Fotografiska Stockholm and Fotografiska International, during its expansion to Tallin, New York and London. Starting as an exhibition producer, I moved towards broader domain of building global partnerships and translating company values and business objectives into successful communication and the real impact.